What Your Bankruptcy Attorney Will Do For You?

Are you suffering too much from loads of debts? Creditors and debt collectors can be relentless in their efforts to squeeze out any kind of payment from debtors like you.

From unending phone calls, lawsuits, wage garnishments to collect on a judgment, to repossessions and foreclosure are common problems for a person who has fallen into a debt. Bankruptcy is a reliable way to regain control of your finances — and your life.

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, but still have doubts whether you should hire a bankruptcy attorney richmond va, then you should know the fact that bankruptcy can be a complex area of the law and that having an expert assistance is usually the best idea.

You may be questioning what exactly does your bankruptcy attorney will be doing for you. The kind of help an attorney can give you depends on the specifics of your case; however, most cases start out in a similar manner.

The bankruptcy attorney will meet with you in order to go through your petition to make sure all information is correct and that you sign on the appropriate areas.

The process differs in many aspects. Some offices will give you a questionnaire and a list of required paperwork prior to the consultation. While others will hand it out when you arrive. Either of the two circumstances, be prepared for some document gathering as consumer bankruptcy post-BAPCPA (Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act) have become quite detailed in its production requirements.

The BAPCPA will first determine if you are a qualified candidate for declaring bankruptcy. If you will be able to meet all the required qualifications, then your bankruptcy attorney will ask you to fill out an inquiry form and provide the necessary documents. This will include your bank statements and tax returns. After looking through all the information you provided, your bankruptcy attorney will then assemble your bankruptcy petition.

After you complete your bankruptcy filing, you will receive a bankruptcy notice, meeting with the creditors and deadlines from the court. This would usually take 30 days.

Your bankruptcy attorney will be with you when you go to court and meet with the bankruptcy trustee. After the meeting with the creditors, you will need to complete your post counseling course and then you should receive a bankruptcy discharge in about 3 months from your meeting of creditors.

Bankruptcy attorneys also handle activities that may not be seen by debtors, such as communicate and notify the creditors and talk to the bankruptcy trustee assigned to your case. They attend court meetings or draft motions on your behalf if needed.

Most importantly, most attorneys have to do a lot of hand-holding. They make sure your case goes smoothly and that you have all of your questions answered.

Here’s a thing, the most important benefit of filing for bankruptcy with a bankruptcy attorney richmond va is that the court puts a hold on most forms of debt collection efforts. The automatic stay imposed by the bankruptcy court will effectively stop creditor harassments and creditor lawsuits.

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